Thailand Film Set Catering

On-Location Catering

We have a great selection of On-location film set Catering Crew specializing in the following cuisines

    • Western Cuisine

    • Thai Cuisine

  • Indian Cuisine

    • Arabian Cuisine

    • Korean Cuisine

    • Japanese Cuisine

    • Vegetarian Cuisine

Our Core catering staff are well versed in on-location catering and our core crew is supplemented with native cuisine-specific cooks who are well versed in specific areas. Our catering crew are supported by our catering truck, catering tents, cooking equipment, tables & chairs and serving equipment.

Following are photos from previous filming assignments.

Thai cuisine with menu changes for every meal and offering a wide selection of dishes including deserts.

Arabian cuisine including HALAL certified menus, regional & ethnic specialties upon request and vegetarian menus.

Our Catering teams provide high quality cuisine at amazingly attractive prices. No one else in Thailand can beat our combination of menu variety and cost.

Following is a guide to ethnic dining in various cities around Thailand. We often work with local restaurants for our film crew when they wish to eat off-set at restaurants.

We are updating this list as we get new clients with specific requests when filming in specific locations



Halal Food:

Arab Dining:

Indian Food Delivery Indian Catering for FilmsCurry in Boxes (Good pricing)

Food Truck

Eastern Seaboard

Pattaya | Middle Eastern Food:

Hau Hin

Southern Thailand

Central Thailand

North East Thailand

Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai | Food DeliveryService (From many restaurants)

Chiang Mai | Restaurant List:

Chiang Mai | Vegan Restaurants:

Chiang Mai | Korean Restaurants: (See listings below)