Specialist Filming - Food

We offer full Film crewing for any-size production.


These Rates are for Wet-Hire Crew Only

Prices are paid in Thai Baht. US$ conversion 1:32 Euro conversion 1:40. Rates may change.

Updating as at Feb 2019 - Yellow highlight - updated pricing

Conversion Rates:

Thai baht/ USD: 32:1

Thai baht/ Euro: 37:1

Prices are charged in Thai baht. Other currencies are for quick estimates only.

> This sign means prices starting from and maybe higher

< This sign means that this is the highest expected price and prices may be lower

Key Creative Team

Script Department

Production Management

Location Department

Camera Department

Sound Department

Electrical Department

Grip Department

Rigging Department

Art Department

Stunts & FX Department

Hair & Makeup Department

Wardrobe Department

Transport Department

Catering Department

Production Specialists

Director of Photography | POA

Drone Pilot | POA

Overtime: Double hourly rate

If filming outside of Bangkok, other charges may apply:


Per-diem: 500 THB per person per day