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Fireworks Thailand's team of professional fire artists are able to do things with fire that will leave your audience breathless with excitement and with a resounding memory to take back home. The choreographed show is the result of years of experience, countless hours of practice and a love of the art of fire that is rarely seen outside of Thailand.

Spectacular Fire Shows..

After Fireworks Displays, the most popular event we provide is our Fire Show, an often imitated but never bettered display of fire manipulation techniques, acrobatics, fire breathing, fire spinning and fire juggling all set to a background of modern dance music that is truly astounding.

Fire-Shows Thai Style

Fire Breathing And Fire Juggling Displays in Thailand

Price range - 89'000 THB - 250'000 THB

The "VIP" Professional Display Range is a range of top end packages aimed at large corporate meetings, resort wide wedding events and large parties for whom the fireworks will be a very important part of the event. These packages can also be arranged and coordinated to a piece of music for an extra special display ..Please see our Display Price Info (.pdf file) for information and prices..

4. "VIP Professional / Pyromusical Display Range"

Price range - 40'000 THB - 82'000 THB

Our "Standard" display range is a set of packages aimed at the MICE market, smaller corporate groups, small to midscale wedding events and birthday celebrations. Please see our Display Price Info (.pdf file) for information and prices..

3. "Standard Display Range"

Price range - 20'000 THB – 40'000 THB

The "Basic" display range is aimed at small family groups or private romantic dinner settings. For these display's we first need to know what the expected available budget will be from within this range, and we can then look at what is the best display we can design depending on tides, location, guest preferences etc. The duration is around 1 1/2 to 3 minutes dependent on the available budget and type and size of fireworks used.

2. "Basic Display Range"

Each additional meter width of waterfall up to 10 meters – 1'500 THB

5 meter Wide x 6 meter High Waterfall – 60 Seconds – 11'500 THB

10 x 5 meter 40 Second Electric Fountains ( " Dual Line as an "Aisle" walk through ) - 13'000 THB

10 x 3 meter 30 second Electric Fountains ( eg. Dual Line as an "Aisle" walk through ) - 10'200 THB

5 x 5 meter 40 Second Electric Fountains ( eg. Single Line as a photo or video backdrop ) - 8'600 THB

5 x 3 meter 30 second Electric Fountains ( eg. Single Line as a photo or video backdrop ) - 7'200 THB

These are perfect for any event and can be used effectively in many ways, from a surround during a couples first dance, as a backdrop during a cake cutting, as an aisle for a couple to walk through, as a backdrop for a corporate stage event, as an arrival surprise for VIP Guests etc etc.. ) We can set up any number of fountains from 5 up to 60 per shoot in groups of 5 fountains.. Prices are inclusive of delivery and set up costs to Phuket / Phang Nga / Krabi..

1. "Special Event Electric Fountain Displays"

Price range - 7'200 THB – 20'0000 THB

Fireworks Prices (Location: Southern Thailand)

Contact us for other locations

We have put together a range of options designed to make all of our guests feel like VIP's, from couples or small families on a tight budget to large scale weddings or corporate events, we have something that is suitable for everyone..

Price structure: 5,000 THB booking fee + following fees.

Perfect Fireworks Displays: From planning to execution we will be 100% focused on providing you with the perfect fireworks display and / or fire-show for your occasion.

Stunning Display Design: Our range of fireworks are selected specifically for each display to combine the most amazing colours and awesome effects into an unforgettable show.

More Bang For Your Buck: High quality, action packed displays at unbeatable prices. Any budget considered!