Prosthetic Makeup, Creature Effects and Animatronics

Khun Tor

Thailand's leading Makeup & Special Effects Artist

Khun Tor is an artist and technician specializing in prosthetic makeup, creature effects and animatronics, offering a wide range of makeup services and expertise that ranges from conceptual designs to finished products, including on-set application and maintenance services. Other specialties include life-casting, sculpting and mould-making.


The Road to Mandalay | Ninja ll | Pob Folklaw | The Death of me | Jongium | Motel Mist | The Couple | Sarawat Maba | The Sinister Nun


Short Film

10 Audiences | Building 9


Acne Makeup | Blind Makeup | AXA Insurance


Snoke Star Wars Makeup | Zombie


Ghost Wife | Baby Alien | Alive

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