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When you need creative talent for any endeavor that involves the audio-visual medium from professional creative people to Cast, Crew & Executives then come to us. We are service orientated, We look after our people and our customers. We are transparent, cost-effective & we strive to always provide a win-win service to all. Select the type of talent you require from the lists below, or register your talent with us. We work with both individuals and companies. Bangkok Talent Agency is a Bangkok Video Productions division.

NOTICE: September 9th 2013: Due to the unexpected and overwhelming response we are in the process of creating a dedicated website for this opportunity.


We will post updates here. Meanwhile please continue to send your resumes (through filling out our application form) and to all those companies sending us talent requests, we promise that we will soon provide you with a online service to meet your needs.

Film, TV, Video Industry


Video/Film Camera Operators

Video Editors

Graphic Designers

Music Industry

Performance Arts Industry



Baby Boy Models (1) Ages 0- 4

Pre-Teen Girls (2) Ages 4-12