Script Writing and Story-Boarding

David Proulx

Script Writer, Storyboard Artist

They say a business is won, first on the quality of its business plan. The equal in corporate video and film production is the script and story-board. For those in our industry, you need no further introduction to this subject.

We have a highly professional and well seasoned film Script, corporate script, technical writer and story-board artist with David Proulx.

From feature-length screenplays to short films, to years of delivering thought-provoking and original scripts for corporate projects, David Proulx has almost 20 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region, of bringing the written word to the screen.

From the concept proposal through storyboards to the final script, Dave is able to keep your message on-point, and in context. Insightful, light-hearted, hard-hitting or educational, he delivers strong, colorful, coherent scripts and messages.

Working with companies as diverse as Visa International, Goldman-Sachs, Otis Elevator, Volvo and Nikon, he is known for his ability to see the core meaning behind a message, and bring out an artistic statement in order to help an audience’s understanding of that message.

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The Son of Adalia.

Storyboard Examples

David Proulx

Script Writer

Story-board Artist



Otis Elevator


The Keppel Corporation

Singapore Airlines

Wella Hair Care


Visa International


AsiaWeek Magazine


AFC - Asian Football Confederation

British Chamber of Commerce

Volvo Asia