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Thailand Film Office Licensed International Film Coordinator

News: Phuket is open to all international film crews without quarantine requirements from July 1st 2021

Phuket Video Productions is owned and managed by Jenny. With over 300 international Film & Video Productions working as Managing Director of BVP in Bangkok for the last ten years, as co-founder. Jenny has branched out to run her own company in Phuket, Southern Thailand. All the resources of BVP support PVP. There is no one in Southern Thailand who can match Jenny's wealth of Thailand Filming experience and the support of Bangkok Video Productions.

Jenny has of 2021 already been living in Phuket for 3 years so she has already established her own network, beyond what BVP previously had.

Jenny Balee van Vlerken

CEO Phuket Video Productions

View Jenny's Work over the last 10 years here Portfolio


Feature Films

Aerial Filming

Heavy Industry

Events Industry

Transport Industry

Technology Industry

Health Care Industry

NGO's, UN & Charities

Sports & Leisure Industry

Fashion Clothing Industry

Travel & Hospitality Industry

Music Videos & Live Performances

Documentaries, TV Shows & Series

Property Development & Real Estate

CGI Post Production Video Samples

Types of Assignments:

Services All these services are local to Phuket or Southern Thailand.



OR:. info@bangkokvideoproductions.com

Line ID: bangkokvideo

WhatsApp ID: +66895186076