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Bangkok Video Productions is a combination of core personal and a cadre of highly professional freelance Filming Professionals with whom we create strong, long lasting relationships. This allows us to recruit the very best specialists for each assignment. We support our cadre with regular work, great pay and good working conditions with access to all our own filming equipment, logistics, studios and filming support services. For our clients this translates into receiving the very best quality work at competitive rates. Let us showcase some of our people.

Thailand Film Office Licensed Film Coordinators

Jintana (Jenny) Balee van Vlerken

Jenny is a Licensed Film Coordinator and Line Producer.
Jenny is a co-founder of BVP. In fact this company was her idea. Jenny is highly knowledgeable within all aspects of the film industry and she has produced more than 300 international assignments. Jenny speaks, reads and writes fluent Thai and English. Jenny currently heads up our Phuket Office because she likes to be where the sun, sand and sea meets. Jenny has a close network relationship with Phuket Government, (& Southern Thailand region) Police and Film Officials that benefit our clients. Phuket & Southern Thailand is a highly popular filming destination for both films and videos.

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Apple Balee

Apple is a Licensed Film Coordinator and Line Producer.
Apple is an academic with intelligence & panache. Apple was previously serving as a "Major" in the Royal Thai Government. Apple has an extensive Government Network relationship with officials throughout Thailand. This provides BVP with the necessary contacts within the Government and Military Forces to obtain support that benefits our clients. Apple is a highly regarded asset on any film / video set.

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Creative Agency

Narong Seprakhon

Creative / Director / Photographer
Advertising Commercials, Music Videos, Short Films, TV Series
Multi Award Winning Director
A BVP Strategic Alliance Partner.

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Producers / Line Producers / Directors / DoP's

Oman Mairize

Director / DoP / Cinematographer / Cameraman
Oman is a veteran Cinematographer and photographer, Director and Director of Photography who has worked worldwide. Oman is our Senior Production Team leader

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News Reporting

David Found

David Found

David Found is a highly experienced Journalist who has lived in Thailand for 33 years. A native English speaker who also speaks fluent Thai. David serves major News Agencies from around the world.

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Food Photography

Anavil Sintudeacha (Pong)

Khun Pong's cinematography body of work covers almost everything possible with video from TVC to music, television shows, promotional and corporate videos.
Cinematography, Photography & Post-Production
A graduate of Rangsit University Faculty of Art & design with a Masters Degree in Visual Communication Design, Khun Pong has creativity flowing through his blood. He is a master of several design styles including Cinematography, Photography, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics.The winner of the 8th Gatsby Student CM Award, Khun Pong has been busy producing a wide range of assignments since he left university.

Weapons Master

Mark Bever

Mark Bever. Our Weapons Master is a veteran Thai TV Actor with 20 years standing and has been featured in more than 100 TV Series and films.
Our Weapons Master was granting permission from the Thai Government to import blank guns and ammunition. Exhaustive safety procedures have been put in place by the Thai Ministry for Defense with the Thai Military providing safekeeping for the ammunition. As the sole supplier in Thailand,Oliver has received training from the Thai Government and the Thai Royal Police to ensure the highest levels of safety on and off set.

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Makeup & Wardrobe

Khun Tor

Prosthetic Makeup, Creature Effects and Animatronics
Thailand's leading Makeup & Special Effects Artist
Khun Tor is an artist and technician specializing in prosthetic makeup, creature effects and animatronics, offering a wide range of makeup services and expertise that ranges from conceptual designs to finished products, including on-set application and maintenance services. Other specialties include life-casting, sculpting and mould-making.

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Khun Bank

Special Effects Makeup
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Set Designer & Props

Khun Zola

From Hollywood feature films to minor productions, Zola always gives 100%. Contact us to engage Zola in your next production.
Zola's list of credits is exceptional and is available upon request. Zola has a team of Artisans that he has worked with over a long number of years. Zola is a professional and one of the most highly regarded set designers in Thailand. Zola is a true multi talented Artist and Craftsman of the highest order. Zola has the "Midas touch". He is a perfectionist in every detail, and every creation withstands the scrutiny of extreme close-up shots.

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Post Production

Professor Markus Wellgunny
President. BVP Post Production
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Video Marketing




Film Distribution / Film Investment