Virtual Sets

Virtual sets are animated graphics that re used when green-screening to give the appearance of being in a fully

functional studio or another environment without any of the costs associated with owning the environment.

Virtual sets are unlimited we have a stock of hundreds of sets to choose from.

We have a range of virtual sets and we can also custom design your own branded virtual set.

Presenters make their presentation in front of a green screen.

During editing we replace the green-screen with the virtual set. This is the introduction. A spinning globe with music and logo.

The virtual sets usually have several camera angles.

This is the center shot.

This is the off-set shot.

Animated graphics are added to enhance the presentation. This one is called "Lower Thirds" which is introducing the presenters.

The presenters then get on with their presentation which is engaging to the audience partially because of the professional looking set.

Other graphics such as the PiP (Picture in Picture) can be added to promote products or to provide further information.