Theater 5 | CC-1

Studio A: 178 SQM

Includes Technical Director

Day rate (12 Hours) 10,000 THB

Hourly Rate: 1,200 THB

Studio B: 100 SQM

Includes Technical Director

Day rate (12 hours) 6,000 THB

Hourly Rate: 800 THB


Studio Name: Theater 5 -CC1

Stage Number: A & B

Pricing Inquiries & Bookings:

1. No food, drink, or smoking is allowed inside studio space. Failure to adhere to this 

Studio Guidelines

and fee shall be considered an invalid cancellation.

deposit), must be submitted before the start of the session. Failure to submit contract 

2. The signed rental contract and the full rental fee (which does not include the security 

the booked time, there will be an additional full hour charge.

• The session ends at the scheduled time. Should a session go ten minutes past 

• The studio is returned in good condition.

management no less that 48 hours before the scheduled booking.

• Cancellation is made by direct contact with Culture Collective Studio 

refunded on the following terms:

1. A security deposit of 5,000 baht is required to secure the booking. This deposit will be 

Rental Process

Floor Plan: Click to enlarge


Sprung floors

Dance Mirrors (B)

Seating - 60 seats


2x 400W Active Speakers

16 Channel Mixer

3x Dynamic Microphones


Dimmer 36 Channel x1KW

6x Profile Zoom 45 - 70 750W

6x PC 1KW

6x LED Par

9x Fresnel 1KW

16x Par 64


Skype: jennybvp

(English & Thai languages)


(Local)  084 945 54 42

(Int) +66 849 455 442 

Jenny Balee, Manager

Bangkok Video Productions

T: (Local) 098 428 094 74 (Int) +66 984 280 974

personal belongings, or items left behind.

5. Culture Collective Studio will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of 

4. Customer will be held responsible for all damages to equipment and space.

• The studio is returned neat and clean.

• The no food, drink, or smoke guideline is adhered to.

booking. This deposit will be refunded on the following terms:

3. The usage deposit of 1,000 baht is required before the beginning of the scheduled 

• All furniture restored to original positions.

• Disposal of all trash in garbage bins.

2. Space must be left clean and neat after use, which includes:

guideline will result in the forfeiture of the usage deposit.