Sound Stage 1 | AS-s1

Sound Stage 1 | AS-s1

The large soundstage can fit the challenges of any production, as well as all the conveniences you could ask for during film and television production.

The exterior of Ratchadamnoen studio is designed in the style of modern European architecture,

so it can serve as a background of either Ratchadamnoen Avenue of today, or for a period piece set in the past, all in the blink of an eye.

The three-stories concrete building has a 1.5 meters deep above water filming pool.

This soundstage studio has the exterior of Ratchadamneon Avenue with steel structure for attaching temporary set pieces.?

Facility Details

  • Soundstage size 47.50 x 30 meters. Area 1,425 sq m. Height 10.60 meters.

  • Catwalk Height 8.75 meters

  • Above water filming pool size 12 x 12 meters. Depth 1.50 meters

Other amenities: dressing rooms, lobby, pantry, canteen, meeting room and green room.

Service areas: Kitchen, toilets, system room, storage.

This Sound stage includes specific set designs shown below.

The studio has an internal pool for filming underwater scenes

The outside of the studio is a 'Set Design" shown below