Music Composition for Film & Video

Original Music by famed Film Composer & Musician

Fabio Guglielmo Anastasi

For a truly engaging film or video experience sound is an absolute must. When it comes to the film score or even the background for a corporate video then music can set the tone and mood, the pace of the video or film and bring the story to a climax or to carry it to a conclusion.

An original music score is like a brand-name. When you think of iconic films, their soundtracks comes immediately to mind. "Titanic", "Mash" and too many more to list here.

Every significant film or video requires an original soundtrack

We can produce a world class music score for your production.

Original Music scores created for company projects such as TV commercials and corporate videos can help create or reinforce a strong brand identity. It can be used just at the intro-or outro in conjunction with the company logo or it can be the score for the entire production.

We are lucky to have as part of our core team a highly skilled and a seasoned professional Film Score Composer & Musician who has worked on countless productions from big-screen blockbusters to corporate videos.

Fatima's Secret by Maurizio Mistretta. View trailer here

Film Soundtrack Composition by Fabio Guglielmo Anastasi,

A film production by All Soul Productions

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