Film Dubbing Pricing & Custom Quotes

Film Dubbing Pricing & Custom Quotes.

Film Dubbing

Film dubbing is recorded at Karma Sound Studios and we have three studios to select from depending upon client requirements, number of simultaneous voice recordings etc.

Karma Sound Studio cost starts at 15,000.00 THB per production day.

Voice Artists - Price Estimate only: $12.00 per minute $720.00 USD per hour. (4,608.00 THB per minute / 23,040 THB per hour) plus studio cost. Minimum 1 hour.

Please contact us for Custom Pricing

Below information is just a rough-guide. The actual times depend very much on the script and actions within each film.

How many words can be spoken within a specific time-span

Understand that it may take several readings to record a perfect recording, so the tables below are based on continued single reading without any mistakes (seldom achieved).

How long to read an average page.