Copyright In Filming

Copyright in Filming.

We are not advocating any action. We are merely sharing information. If you are considering inserting copyright material into your film or video, do consult with your legal advisers.

Our guiding resource is:

Documentary Filmmakers Statement of "Best Practices in Fair Use (Open or PDF here)

Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers

Independent Feature Project

International Documentary Association

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture

This Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use makes clear what documentary filmmakers currently regard as reasonable application of the copyright “fair use” doctrine. Fair use expresses the core value of free expression within copyright law. The statement clarifies this crucial legal doctrine, to help filmmakers use it with confidence. Fair use is shaped, in part, by the practice of the professional communities that employ it. The statement is informed both by experience and ethical principles.

It also draws on analogy: documentary filmmakers should have the same kind of access to copyrighted materials that is enjoyed by cultural and historical critics who work in print media and by news broadcasters

CMSI Website - Center For Media & Social Impact

You can download the above "Best Practices" at this website which examines this document in detail and provides examples of fair use.

Fair Use

The Ultimate Guide to Fair Use and Copyrights for Filmmakers here.

Included is the following:

    • What are Copyrights & Trademarks?

    • What is Fair Use?

    • The DMCA

    • Documentary Filmmakers Statement of Best Practices

    • The Big Five Filmmaking Scenarios

    • Creative Commons

    • C.Y.A.

Fan Films

If you are considering creating a fan film find additional information here.

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