Flying Rigs

For Flying Rigs we partner with the very best rigging companies in Thailand.

We put safety before anything else and our teams have a track record second to none. Because we know all the major rigging companies in Thailand we can put together the best team to match your assignment, be it specialized stunts or price. We make it happen on time, within budget.

Contact us for bookings, pricing and further information:

Flying Rigs Types

    • Standard Track System

    • Double Track System

    • Bridle-less Track System

    • Standard Fixed Point System

    • Bridle-less Fixed Point System

    • Pendulum System

Harness Types

    • Single Point Harness

    • Seat Harness

    • Triplepoint Harness

    • Tazan Harness

    • Twisty Rig Harness

    • Bikini Harness

    • Somersault Harness

    • Full Body Harness