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Up to 8% lower transfer rates than your and my bank Direct Payment system

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All payments below use PayPal.

If using this payment method we will add an additional 5% fee as this is the hidden extra cost of transferring any PayPal payment to our local bank

Of course you are also paying about 3-4% transaction fee as well as getting a below mid-market currency conversion rate.

Check out the real costs: Paypal Verses TransferWise

NOTE: Payments made on this page will NOT have any VAT Tax added.

Please refer to your invoice as to whether or not you need to pay 7% VAT.

VAT Payment page here

Make payment from 5,000 THB to 50,000 THB

Make payment from 55,000 THB to 100,000 THB

Make payment from 105,000 THB to 150,000 THB

Make payment 150,000 THB to 200,000 THB

Make payment 205,000 THB to 250,000 THB

Make payment 255,000 THB to 300,000 THB

Make payment 310,000 THB to 400,000 THB

Make payment 410,000 THB to 500,000 THB