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February 2018


    1. Manager, Film Localization Division

    2. Film Transcriber: English language

    3. Film Closed Captions: English language

    4. Film Dubbing: English language

    5. Film Image Censorship - For Muslim & Buddhist Countries


    1. Film Transcribers: Foreign languages

    2. + Malay

    3. + Indonesian

    4. + Burmese

    5. + Thai

    6. + Chinese

    7. + Tagalog

    8. + Hindi

    9. Film Closed Captions: Foreign languages

    10. + Malay

    11. + Indonesian

    12. + Burmese

    13. + Thai

    14. + Chinese

    15. + Tagalog

    16. + Hindi

    17. Film Dubbing: English languages

    18. + Malay

    19. + Indonesian

    20. + Burmese

    21. + Thai

    22. + Chinese

    23. + Tagalog

    24. + Hindi

About Jobs.

Film Localization

This is an area where we are focusing on developing during 2018. We have agreements in place for English and foreign languages in all forms of film localization, being:

    1. Film Transcription

    2. Closed Captioning (for Deaf)

    3. Film Dubbing

    4. Film Image Censorship

Transcription & Closed Captioning

With new regulations in the USA and Europe requiring closed captioning for deaf people required for all TV content and new media companies such as Netflix and iTunes also requiring Closed Captioning on all films, we intend to become the go-to provider of these services.

If you have previous experience in this field, we welcome you. If not, but you have the right qualifications we will train you. You can work either from our Lad-Prao 62 offices or from your home or a mix of both.

Find out what these jobs entail here:

Film Censorship

For film image censorship, Muslim & Buddhist countries have strict regulations on what can be seen on-screen. Our choice of tool is to use pixilation to hide such items. So you will need to know film / video editing.

Film Dubbing

We need real actors and talented Voice-artists to dub movies into foreign languages. If you are interested in this area, please apply at our talent website: /