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Eastern Seaboard Islands Chart

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Here is a complete listing of Islands off the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

NameThai NameAlternate spellingsProvinceIsland Chain, Group, ArchipelagoCoordinates
Ko SichangเกาะสีชังChonburiMain island of Ko Sichang group13.145°N 100.813°E
Ko Kham Yaiเกาะขามใหญ่ChonburiSichang group13.167°N 100.824°E
Ko Kham Noiเกาะขามน้อยChonburiSichang group13.1744°N 100.8301°E
Ko Ram Dok Maiเกาะร้ามดอกไม้Ko Lam DokmaiChonburiSichang group13.1528°N 100.8342°E
Ko Khang Khaoเกาะค้างคาวChonburiSichang group13.114°N 100.808°E
Ko ProngเกาะปรงChonburiSichang group13.1652°N 100.8330°E
Ko Yai ThaoChonburiSichang group13.1234°N 100.8093°E
Ko Thaai TamuenChonburiSichang group13.1088°N 100.8033°E
Ko NokเกาะนอกChonburiRocky islet off Pattaya Bay13.006°N 100.8033°E
Ko ChunChonburiRocky islet off Pattaya Bay12.930°N 100.81°E
Ko Lanเกาะล้านChonburi"Near Islands", off Pattaya12.92°N 100.78°E
Ko SakเกาะสากChonburi"Near Islands", off Pattaya12.9275°N 100.7920°E
Ko KrokเกาะครกKrokChonburi"Near Islands", off Pattaya12.9434°N 100.8057°E
Ko Luamเกาะเหลื่อมChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9581°N 100.6506°E
Ko Luam Noiเกาะเหลื่อมน้อยKo Lueam NoiChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9566°N 100.6573°E
Ko Phaiเกาะไผ่Koh PaiChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.934°N 100.675°E
Ko Hu Changเกาะหูช้างHoo ChangChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9105°N 100.6775°E
Ko Klung BadanเกาะกรุงบาดาลKrung badanChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.9026°N 100.6796°E
Ko Man WichaiเกาะมารวิชัยMun WichaiChonburi"Far Islands", off Pattaya12.8763°N 100.6742°E
Ko RinเกาะรินChonburisouth of "Far Islands", off Pattaya
Ko Hin Khaoเกาะหินแก้วHin KhaoChonburisouth of "Far Islands", off Pattaya
Hin Ton MaiChonburiRocky islet south of "Far Islands", off Pattaya
Ko Klet Kaeoเกาะเกล็ดแก้วKlet KaeoChonburiKo Khram group12.761°N 100.845°E
Ko KhramเกาะครามKhramChonburiMain island of Ko Khram group12.70°N 100.79°E
Ko Khram Noiเกาะครามน้อยChonburiKo Khram group12.727°N 100.798°E
Ko I Raเกาะอีร้าI RaChonburiKo Khram group12.676°N 100.823°E
Ko Tao Moเกาะเตาหม้อChonburiSattahip Bay group12°38′17″N 100°52′13″E
Ko PhraเกาะพระChonburiSattahip Bay group12°38′37″N 100°53′17″E
Ko Phra Noiเกาะพระน้อยChonburiSattahip Bay group12°38′46″N 100°53′15″E
Ko I LaoเกาะอีเลาChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′42″N 100°52′32″E
Ko YoเกาะยอChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′59″N 100°52′52″E
Ko MuเกาะหมูChonburiSattahip Bay group12°37′26″N 100°54′3″E
Ko MaeoเกาะแมวChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′40″N 100°53′21″E
Ko Nang RamเกาะนางรำChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′59″N 100°56′3″E
Ko Chorakheเกาะจระเข้ChonburiSattahip Bay group12°36′12″N 100°55′0″E
Ko Samae SanเกาะแสมสารSamaesanChonburiMain island of Ko Samae San group12.573°N 100.95°E
Ko KhamเกาะขามChonburiKo Samae San group12.573°N 100.934°E
Ko RaetเกาะแรดRat, RadChonburiKo Samae San group12.585°N 100.964°E
Ko Chang KlueaChangklueaChonburiKo Samae San group12.550°N 100.971°E
Ko Chuangเกาะช่วงChonburiKo Samae San group12.520°N 100.96°E
Ko ChanเกาะจานChonburiKo Samae San group12.521°N 100.970°E
Ko Rong NangเกาะโรงหนังChonburiKo Samae San group12.53437°N 100.95870°E
Ko Rong KhonเกาะโรงโขนChonburiKo Samae San group12.53169°N 100.95972°E
Ko SaketRayongBy Rayong harbour12°38′54″N 101°10′14″E
Ko Sametเกาะเสม็ดKo SamedRayongMain island of Ko Samet group12.565°N 101.45°E
Ko PlatinRayongKo Samet group12.6019°N 101.5148°E
Ko KrauiRayongKo Samet group12.5932°N 101.5108°E
Ko KudiKudeeRayongKo Samet group, East12.5839°N 101.5101°E
Ko KhangkhaoRayongKo Samet group, East12.5796°N 101.5104°E
Ko KhamเกาะขามRayongKo Samet group, East12.5945°N 101.509°E
Ko YangklaoYungklaoRayongKo Samet group12.5578°N 101.5691°E
Ko ThaluRayongKo Samet group, East12.5557°N 101.5695°E
Ko Khi Plaเกาะขี้ปลาRayongCoastal island12°38′15″N 101°37′52″E
Ko Man NaiเกาะมันในMan NaiRayongKo Man Nai group12.6114°N 101.688°E
Ko Man KhlangเกาะมันกลางMan GlangRayongKo Man Nai group12.5975°N 101.692°E
Ko Man NokเกาะมันนอกMun Nok, Mun NawkRayongKo Man Nai group12.5841°N 101.697°E