C4. ARRI Amira Premium Kit

ARRI Amira Premium Kit camera rental hire bangkok video productions thailand film
ARRI Amira Premium Kit camera rental hire video film production hire rental
C4: ARRI Amira Premium Kit (Wet Hire)

Daily Rate: 20,000 THB   |   US$ 625.00  |   € 500.00

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  •  Camera Body
  • ARRI SD (ASD-1)
  • Centre Camera Handle (CCH-1)
  • Handle Extension Bracket
  • Electronic Viewfinder (EVF-1)
  • Levelling Block (LB-1)
  • Shoulder Pad (SP-4)
  • DTE Module
  • 5 x S x S Pro Card 32GB
  • 3 x S x S Pro Card 64GB
  • 4 x V Mount 14.8v Battery Pack
  • 1 x V Mount Battery Charger
  • 3 x 24v 12a Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • Clip-on Mattebox 4” x 5.65” 
  • Support Rods (19mm)
  • Bridge Plate (BP12)
  • Bridge Plate Adapter (BPA-1)

Currency exchange may vary. above conversion @ THB/USD$ 32:1, THB/Euro  40:1)
Prices must be confirmed at time of booking because a minimum of crew & transport logistics will b e part of final price.

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