Cable Cam

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Cable Camera System

Wiral Lite Cable Camera Motion System

- Including 3 Camera options
- Including Extra Long Cable (100m / 330 ft)

  • Ultra Quiet - no distraction even close to people or nature
  • Adjustable speed up to 25 miles per hour.
  • Angle cable up to 30 degrees up or down.
  • Time lapse Filming with movement.
  • Controlled movement along line including automated "ping-pong" movement
  • Ability to fly through windows, doors, car-windows through tree branches etc.
Allows you to film in "Drone Restriction zones".
  • Sporting Events (Directly overhead of people)
  • Music Festivals, Rave Parties  (Directly overhead of people)
  • National Parks where drones are sometimes not allowed
  • Sensitive areas (near airports, and government installations)
  • Indoors (seminars, events. conventions etc.)

Daily Rate: 20,000.00 THB

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Cable System

cable-cam wire-cam Bangkok Video Productions Filming Thailand 
cable-cam wire-cam Bangkok Video Productions Filming Thailand
cable-cam wire-cam Bangkok Video Productions Filming Thailand

Wiral Lite Cable System with 50M (150 ft) Cable & Remote Control and 100M (330 ft) Extra Length Cable

Camera Options

Action Camera

cable-cam wire-cam Bangkok Video Productions Filming Thailand

GoPro Camera for outdoor windy, wet conditions 

360 Degree Camera

cable-cam wire-cam Bangkok Video Productions Filming Thailand

Insta One 360 Degree Camera for indoor/Outdoor use

Sony a6300 Camera with selection of lenses.

cable-cam wire-cam Bangkok Video Productions Filming Thailand

Sony a6300 with G-Master 18-105 Lens.
For Indoor & Low-wind outdoor use
Internally stabilized lens
Highest quality 4K filming.

Wire Mounting Truss Stations

cable camera bangkok video productions thailand filming video
From 2m to 6 m Truss stations
Held in position by sandbags 
Daily Rate: 2,000.00 THB 

DJI Osmo - Wiral System allowing 3 Axis Remote Camera Movement
DJI Pocket Wireless modue (Expansion Kit).
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Introducing Wiral Lite Cable Cam

The Wiral Lite Cable Cam Flies Where Drones Can’t
"This cable cam has everything you need to start documenting your sickest lines. Getting flyby footage as you whip through the trees is pretty sweet."

Wiral Lite Cable Cam Makes Getting That Killer Video Easier [US]
"We all want those killer shots where the camera looks like it’s floating through the woods. Or flying through impossibly tight trees where no drone could go? A cable cam is how you do it, and the Wiral Lite is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to add that to your video toolbox."

Wiral LITE + GOPRO and INSTA360
"I think this replaces the drone shot when you can’t get a drone shot. I think this is a slider shot, but way longer than any slider shot you could ever create. I think this would be sweet for timelapses, being able to do really long slow timelapses. And I think it’s also sweet to replace a jib shot over a big crowd."

Filming Indoors Sports Events