Film Equipment Dry Hire (No Crew)

film equipment rental dry hire

Equipment Dry-Hire   (Dry Hire; Without Crew)

This selection of packages has been put together specially for compact TV camera crews, News Reporters and documentary Filmmakers on assignment. 

Pick-up is conveniently offered either at our Downtown Bangkok Equipment Office (see map), close to Chitlom BTS Station (2 minute walk from station exit). Pickup can be arranged either the previous afternoon or early morning on day of filming. Return should be same day or evening unless other arrangements are made in advance. Or at our Lat-Prao store. If possible select multiple items from same store. (store location is displayed on each item).

Delivery can be arranged. Clients will be charged for delivery and pick-up.

We offer package deals that are ideal for different types of assignments. We have daily rates and discounted weekly rates.  We also offer a wide range of WET HIRE  film cameras. See here for details.

Security: New clients must deposit their passport, other ID or cash deposit with us during hire period. Please discuss this with our office representative. 

Insurance: Please note: Theses packages are offered without insurance. We recommend you either arrange your own insurance or hire as is with a "damage it" and "fix it or replace it" policy. 

Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions

Camera Kits - Sony a7 MK2
Basic Run n Gun Kit (Camera, tripod, On-camera microphone, 1 lens)
Run n Gun Reporters Kit (Camera, tripod, Microphone options, boom-pole, recorder, 2 lenses)
Interview Kit (Camera, tripod, Microphone options, boom-pole, recorder, 2 lenses, plus lighting kit)


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