Bangkok Film Equipment Wet Hire (With Crew)

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Equipment Wet-Hire   (Wet Hire; With Crew & Transport)

Wet hire equipment is usually custom priced, however we are putting together package deals. Prices includes equipment hire, crew to operate the equipment and the transport for the equipment. Gas, Tolls, Parking are extra to prices (at cost of receipts). Our Film Crews are highly trained professionals and are considered among the very best in Asia.

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Package Deals

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Camera Packages

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    Matteboxes | Camera Rigs | Viewfinders | Bridge plates | Follow Focus | Lens Control | Monitors | Recorders | Wireless Transmitters | Computer Download Stations | Tripods & Fluid Heads | Batteries | Cables | Signal Converters | Steadicams | Stabilizers | Easyrig & Slingshot| 

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