Drone Stock Film

Thailand stock drone footage for sale aerial film for sale

We have built a website specifically for Thailand stock drone film and photos. We are now looking for Thailand drone operators who wish to partner with us.

How it works:
  1. You send us low quality or watermarked drone footage (any length).
  2. We will work with you to obtain as much stock footage as we can from your supplied footage.
  3. Our Editors will if necessary "polish" your film footage to meet the required standards.
  4. We upload the footage to our website PLUS 40 OTHER STOCK FOOTAGE WEBSITES
  5. As clients buy the stock footage our system logs the purchase, transfers the money into our account, notify's you of the funds and you can withdraw the funds at any time.
  6. We are also in the process of automating the entire system for payments from all sites.
Our own clients:
We pro-actively market directly to film production companies from around the world and we already have clients who will pay up to $8.00 USD per film second.
We take a 25% cut of the client payment (which covers our website development, marketing and film editing staff costs). The remainder goes directly to you.

Stock film sites:
Each site has their own sell rates and cost breakdown. We take 20% of your fee. The benefit is that we constantly look and find more drone stock websites and add them to our network ensuring you get the very best global exposure for your footage.

Start now:
In the first instance just give us a word list of the types of film footage that you have.

                                                                                                         Jenny filming with our drone