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Real Estate Development Videos

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Real Estate Development Videos

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To market real estate you need to be able to put the buyer inside of  your development. Let him feel that he is really there looking around him. But you must not get to complex. You must keep it simple and let the buyers imagination do the work. Let him feel as if he is inside of what he is viewing.

We do this through the following techniques.

  1. Real View Filming Aerial Surveys
  2. Real View Aerial filming with CGI inserted
  3. Real View ground Surveys
  4. CGI External building perspectives
  5. CGI Internal building perspectives
  6. CGI-live 2 layer perspectives
  7. CGI-live 3 layer perspectives 

Lets explain the above

Real View Filming Aerial Surveys and building inserted
(View aerial - location without building and then location with building inserted)