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film company franchise opportunity

Over the last 20 years every business has been radically reformed due to the information age. But one industry has been resisting this change, hanging onto legacy practices that allow for an amazing new opportunity.

A pioneer within the Internet Industry since 1995, our founder has spearheaded internet development in Thailand, from government transformations into cyberspace, to banking software solutions and eCommerce, to corporate websites, Internet marketing and much more. The founder of Bangkok Video Productions is a true pioneer of internet business. 

Now after a decade of working in the film and video industry, he is ready to transform this industry, to become a global leader in providing film and video services. Creating hugh disruptions to the existing system.  

Lean about how you can benefit from more than 20 years of cutting edge internet business experience. Join us and change your future today!

shayne L. van Vlerken - Internet Pioneer
Shayne L. van Vlerken
Internet Pioneer.

Our Value Proposition
  • About the founder 
  • About the Film & Video Industry
  • The future of the film and video industry
  • Why we are the Industry's answer

Who can become a Franchise holder?
  • The film business is "another business"
  • You need passion and commitment "We provide the training & experience" 
  • How to become a franchise holder
  • Available Franchise locations
  • Prices, terms and conditions

How much can you earn?
  • Our own history and experience
  • The future of industry selling
  • The proof is in the pudding

How much will it cost me?
  • Unique Opportunities
  • Franchise plans

How will I get training?
  • Initial training
  • The training manual
  • Regular Training Seminars
  • Personal Training
  • The Big Brother Program
  • Our Guarantee 

How will I get sales?
  • Our unique global approach
  • We are a global first
  • Our global Internet assets
  • Clients come to us - every day, from around the world.
  • Our sales support system
  • Sales training

How will I execute contracts?
  • The big-brother program
  • Our National and International networks of suppliers, partners and freelancers
  • Our training program