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Drone Laws and Regulations in South Korea:


Is commercial drone flying allowed in South Korea?
Yes, but you need to apply to the rules listed below.
A permission by the South Korean Aviation Authority is required (link below).

Maximum Height
Max 150m / 492ft
> 150m / 492ft = permission required

Maximum Distance
None, but must be kept in line-of-sight of the operator at all times
unless approval for beyond line-of-sight has been given

Maximum Take-Off Weight

Competence Statement / License
A permission by the South Korean Aviation Authority must be obtained
(a link and contact information can be found below).

Flight Times
Day time operations only unless approval has been given

Labeling Requirements
Not required, but recommended

Drone Liability Insurance
Not required, but highly recommended

Drone Ban Zones
State institutes
Federal authority constructions
Regional authority constructions
Airport control zones (CTR)
Seoul Plaza
Power Plants
People, Buildings, Vehicles
Event Sites
Operation sites of police, military, search- and rescue forces
Restricted Zones.

You must always yield right of way to manned aircraft!

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