Aerial Mapping Coverage per hour

aerial mapping dji inspire 1 area coverage per hour

Aerial Mapping Area Coverage Per hour.

There are many variables within this question. The ruggedness of the terrain, The accuracy required, the aerial platform and the height of the drone during mapping which might be determined by regulations within the mapping zone. This said, here are some guidelines. 

The following information is from the DJI aerial mapping forums and is a good general guide.

  • Coverage can be altered by the wind speed in the area
  • Coverage can be altered by the terrain
  • Coverage can be altered by the height of the airframe 

Aerial Platform: DJI Inspire 1 Pro
Camera: DJI X5 Camera
Flight Time: 15 minutes
Overlap: 80%
Photo timing: 5 seconds
Height: (Regulation FAA 333 exception) 200ft AGL / 60.9M AGL
 Flight Average Coverage: 25 acres (101,171 sqm) (1sqm aprox)

Aerial Platform: DJI Inspire 1 Pro
Camera: DJI X5 Camera
Flight Time: 15 minutes
Overlap: 80%
Photo timing: 5 seconds
Height: 4000ft / 219M
 Flight Average Coverage: 100 acre / 0.4 SQKM