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Bangkok Thailand 2d 3d motion designer sfx video production tvc

Bangkok Thailand 2d 3d motion designer sfx video production tvc
Think. Design. Animate
Creative & Dazzling Animator.
I provide high-class animation and visual effect solutions for my clients. Whether I am busy working on a feature film, commercial, online, or motion graphics, i always make sure to fulfill our clients’ requests. Take a look at some of my recent projects and get in touch with any questions.

Where Passion Meets Talent
Hi. I'm Tommy "Tommee" I am a passionate, enthusiastic, professional 3D/2D Motion Designer, 3D Designer and Concept Creator with some art direction skills. I was born and raised in Germany and for the last 10 years, till July 2017 in in Dubai. Now my new happy base is in Thailand.
I've been enjoying working in this profession for the last 15 years. I have international experience on several television commercials, with advertising agencies, and at TV channels in countries like Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Iran, and Afghanistan. My background also includes photography and event management. I was previously working for Magnet Connect / Alchemy Filmz for the last 2 years.

I am quick to create new innovative ideas and concepts as well as developing creative and original solutions to problems. To be more specific, I am specialized in 3D visualization and 3D/2D Motion Design.  I often utilise my ability of using my own initiative, which I have always found of good use when being in pressured situations that require problem solving skills; this has allowed me to execute my responsibilities and duties at a consistent standard of quality and efficiency. Furthermore, I pride myself on being a positive team player and always ready to assist team members but also taking the leadership role and responsibility when necessary and required.

To conclude, I see myself as a multifaceted, fun, and uplifting person when it comes to my abilities- making me a fast learner and adaptable to various work situations. This would be of benefit to your company as I could easily be integrated into several different areas requiring numerous different skills.
Happiness and my passion for life makes every single day a new experience.

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