The Mhelp Group

Mhelp was founded by Mr. Shayne van Vlerken in 2003 to develop video-clip help & training for software applications. We currently have over 4,000 help & training video-clips for Microsoft products, probably one of the largest video-clip libraries for Microsoft.

What makes Mhelp extra special is the academic and scientific research that has gone into how we create and present new knowledge.
It is this science based approach that allows us to extend our products and services from software to all types of learning. Our Corporate Training materials uses every one of our Quality standards that have been derived from published academic and scientific papers about the Science of Learning.
These standards ensures consistency which in turn assists user comprehension and most important user acceptance.

The Mhelp group expanded into video communications with the opening of Bangkok Video Productions. 

Mr. van Vlerken established BVP as a new vehicle to take advantage of the rapid rise in video within the internet.

Update 2012: Mhelp has now been merged into a new company and will assume a new identity. This is a move that has rewarded the shareholders and given the new company the world's largest Microsoft software video-clip  help training library. We wish the best for its future.

                       Shayne L. van Vlerken
Chief Executive Officer
Mhelp Group