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Roberto Carini Thailand cinematographer & film editor

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Roberto Carini Show-reel

A sample of Robi's latest Work : SingSing Theater

Robi's latest European Award Winning film.

THILAFUSHI GON'DUDHOH, waste final destination in Maldives
This short documentary is a reportage shot in Maldives, thanks to the support of Bicocca University, Milan, and of CDE Consulting, Republic of Maldives.

"Our aim is to draw attention on the increasing problem of waste in this fragile and unique ecosystem.

We’ve asked to experts, of Maldives and environment, to describe us the waste management, the actual methods used to contain the problem and the propositions to solve it in the impending future".

See below more films by Roberto Carini including TV and Web commercials, documentaries and short films. 

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Roberto Carini
International Award Winning
Cinematographer, Director of Photographer
& Film Editor

Robi is a multi-award winning film professional. He is exceptional because his skills are not limited to only a single field. 

He is equally at home Directing or as the Director of Photography, behind the camera or in Post production editing with animation and motion graphics and fx. 

Robi is also a professional in color correction and color grading the final product which is what makes a good video or film really great.

It is not often that a single person has so many skill-sets and the ability to understand a clients requirements in such absolute terms.

Robi is an absolute perfectionist and is available to all our clients. 

At left you can view some of Robs original work. He is also responsible for our own portfolio as our Director of Photography.

Contact us and get Robi working on your video or film.

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