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Thailand sees location filming boost

posted Jan 18, 2018, 4:18 AM by Shayne L. van Vlerken

ThailandThailand saw an increase in the number of international productions shooting locally throughout 2017, although this appears to be largely unconnected to a filming incentivelaunched at the start of the year.

Eighty international features filmed in the country through the 12 months – up from 50 in the previous year – but only two productions used the 15% filming incentive support, according to figures from the Thailand Film Office.

“We have worked hard in 2017 to spread the message throughout the industry that Thailand not only offers great locations, fantastic crews and incredible value, but also that we now have an incentive, based on a straightforward cash rebate,” said Worateera Suvarnsorn, director of the film office.

International TV and commercial production was far more prolific, numbering 730 separate shoots in total for the year. 

Japanese shoots were the most prolific of the international productions to film in Thailand, with Chinese and UK producers also delivering dozens of shoots.

Thailand has a solid international reputation as a South-East Asian production hub with good equipment resources and a strong crew base. However, the new filming incentive is capped at a little over $2m per eligible production, which limits its true international appeal.   

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