November 2011 Update

It's been a busy few months and time to report what has been happening. 

We now have two Green-screen video-recording studios available in Bangkok depending upon the size of your requirements. Studio A is suitable for groups and Studio B is for single-person or two-person presentations. More details and photos can be found here

We have also completed three interesting client projects. 

ITDI - A Global Teacher Training Institute with Head Quarters in Japan that provides teacher training and materials engaged us to create a series of video-based "teach-the-teacher" training videos modules. With hundred's of lessons comprising the entire series this will become a valuable aide for ITDI teachers worldwide. These were filmed at the American University Alumni campus in Bangkok with a group of teachers, the Director and our camera crew and edited at our Pattaya Editing Studios.

copyright - Shayne van Vlerken

KSB - A major German pump manufacturer who is in partnership with the C.P. Group and B. Grimm of Thailand required a sophisticated video-clip that will be inserted into their website homepage. The video was filmed at our "Studio B" and the presenter walks into the frame "full body shot" and then going into 3/4 body shot the CEO presented his company using a "Minority report" style screen next to him and various imagery appearing on the screen. Thai subtitles are presented below the screen in precise timing to the presentation. 

copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

Derek Paczensky Productions  - of London came to Bangkok to film a full-length theater musical comprising more than 33 location shots around Thailand and dozens more using green-screen technology in our "Studio A". The musical, a traditional love story of lovers apart in a modern setting with dozens of cast and crew is currently being edited.

copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

So it's been an extremely busy time this last few months and we look forward to catching up with our local and charity commitments.