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Gary Rogue & Miriam Román

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Gary Rogue & Miriam Román met in London and their connection since then has been seismic at all levels. Miriam has a base in photography and Gary in video & film. Both are Producers and Directors. After a trip to Mexico they decided to collaborate as Rogue & Roman to create inspiring motion and static visuals that challenge the statu quo.

They are fully equipped to deliver cinematic and professional content in 4K/HD quality and cover Documentaries, Events, Interviews, Live Shows, Multimedia, Promos, Remote Footage Editing, Shorts, and Wedding Films, shot in-land, underwater and air. They now reside in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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The production value they offer is crafted by using the very latest in film and photography cameras and equipment. BVP offers a wide selection equipment to meet the exacting requirements of every assignment. Aerial filming options include the latest Matrice 600 with Arri or RED, or DSLR and the Inspire range of platforms as well as the Phantom 3 Pro. Editing and Motion GFX with the Adobe Creative Suite. Video colour grading on DaVinci Resolve.

Miriam has always been passionate about traveling, nature, fashion and photography. After finishing her Master’s degree in Biodiversity at Barcelona, she soon landed herself in Shanghai to work as an English teacher, a life altering experience. Her journey continued by living in other major cities such as New York, Moscow, Zurich and London, where she honed her skills as a photographer in one of Europe’s biggest creative hub, Shoreditch. Right about the time, her interest in video began to take-off too, and formed a double team as an assistant videographer. From cruising in billionaire yachts to hitchhiking across California, these many cultural influences have shaped the way she expresses her style.

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Gary is a South African-Portuguese born in Johannesburg that grew up on the banks of the Vaal River, near Jozi, and alternate summers in Madeira Island, his family’s origin. Fascinated by the magic of showbiz, he studied Motion Picture Production, majoring in Directing and Scriptwriting at Pretoria Film School and kickstarted his career by exploring Southern African countries like Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and South Africa itself as a self-shooting Director Editor. Moving onto visual effects editing for on-air promos and spots, before producing and editing a lifestyle magazine show. Not yet satisfied and still drawn by his European roots, he then re-located to London to raise his production value as a full-time video journalist and sharpen his niche as an industry Predator.