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Anis A.S. Mebarek

Anis A.S. Mebarek Executive Producer Bangkok Video Productions Thailand

Anis A.S. Mebarek Executive Producer Bangkok video productions Thailand

Anis S. A. Mebarek.

Executive Producer 
Business Development VP.
Producer, Director, DoP, Cameraman

Internationally Licensed Aerial UAV (UAS)  Pilot & Qualified UAV Pilot Instructor
ULM Theoretical Pilot License   |   Drone Instructor Certification by the French Ministry.
Drone & Camera Operator    |   Pilot & Qualified UAV Pilot Instructor
Thai Licensed Aerial UAV (UAS)   |   French Licensed Aerial UAV
Aerial Infrared Thermography camera Certificate   |   Aerial Photogrammetry Certificate

Editor, Motion Graphics & Post-Production Manager
Languages: English, French, Arabic, Basic Thai

Anis S.A. Mebarek received his B.A in Film-making at the prestigious New York Film Academy,  then moved to France, where he continued his professional training in Post production with Foret Bleue FX a leading French post production studio.

Anis has a wealth of corporate video and commercial film industry pre-production, production and post-production knowledge having worked within Europe, the Middle East and Asia and with major advertising agencies and major brands. Anis knows the mechanics of film-making in great detail. He talks the talk and walks the walk. This is invaluable when meeting new clients and this is a major passion for Anis. He is a people person. 

Anis is also the Managing Partner of our UAV Drone services and he is even qualified (France 2017) in Drone-Advanced-Camera-Sensors for thermal, Infrared and other advanced drone survey, mapping, inspection services. In fact, Anis is a "Pilot Instructor" internationally licensed in France in 2017.

If you want to view a sample of the wide assortment of film and video assignments that Anis has worked on please visit his personal website here: