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We are a family organization. Our strength lies within the the combination of our three individual experiences and capabilities. 

Shayne (English language, conversational Thai language)
Our CEO, ex Military, is also an Internet pioneer. A holder of 23 multi-media patents and an early partner in multimedia with Microsoft. Shayne is innovative & believes in fast communications response times and providing full information so clients can make quick decisions. This is why we have 8 websites and more than a 1000 web-pages online providing data, images and prices. our clients can cost their production quicker and easier.

Apple (Fluent Thai & English languages)
A serving Officer (Major), serving with the Royal Thai Government & also a Thailand Film Office Licensed International Film Coordinator. Apple is an academic with amazing government contacts that give us a clear edge over our competition. Whatever you need - locations, military, academic, permits -Apple can deliver. Apple can often achieve what others can't. 

Jenny (Fluent Thai & English languages)
A natural born leader in-the-field. Jenny is a graduate of Film school and a Thailand Film Office  Licensed International Film Coordinator, A Royal Thailand Air-force licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drone Pilot & an extraordinary Production Manager/Line Producer/Fixer. Be it a feature film with 800 people on set or a small corporate video, Jenny takes charge, and her specialty is  solving unexpected-problems. Jenny has a can-do attitude and a never-give-up approach to any challenge. Our customers love Jenny because they can rely on her. Jenny makes sure our clients get the results that they need and came to Thailand to get.

A Bit of Sugar
When you hire us. You hire a team. No matter how small the job, We can all contribute to ensuring your assignment in Thailand is foremost successful. Then we like to add some sugar. Knowing that your production is well in-hand, we make sure you enjoy the hospitality of Thailand. Great accommodation at ridiculously low prices, very comfortable transportation and our world famous authentic Thai cuisine. We take great care of our clients. Perhaps this is why more we have lots of repeat clients. They just need a reason to come back to Thailand, and that is us - The land of smiles.

Our Vision
The internet allows for the full and instant exchange of information and this phenomena affects all industries, including the film industry. Our aim is to use the internet to make filmmakers jobs easier by allowing them to find, evaluate and make decisions more readily and much faster than currently available.

Our second vision is to become a truly modern company using modern communication technologies to allow workers to work from their homes, which fully equipped with professional offices, to our requirements, which allow for reduced overheads that creates savings passed along to our clients. 

Our third vision is to be a "lean and mean" company that utilizes the abundance of highly skilled and professional freelancers mixed with professional supply companies and crew that again maximizes value for both us and our clients.

We are a 21st century company and we aim to utilize the latest technologies within project management to give cutting edge advantages to our clients.

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Meet Our Executive Team

 International Film Coordaintor| Bangkok Video Productions | Studios Division | Aviation Division | Permits & Locations

jenny balee md bangkok video productions
Jenny (Jintana) Balee, 
Managing Director

Licensed International Film Office Coordinator (Entry here) from the Thailand Film Office.

Commercial Film, TVC & Corporate Video Production Manager
Full Service Pre-production, Production & Post-Production Crewing, facilities, equipment & management.

Licensed Aerial Unmanned Vehicle Pilot. Licensed by The 
Royal Thai Air-force. A member of
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) 

SAE Film Institute Thailand. (Bangkok Campus) Courses & Studies.
Fluent in Thai & English.

Welcome to Bangkok Video Productions Bangkok Video Productions was established in 2010 to address the explosive growth in internet video and the absolute need for companies to be aware of the the potential positive impact internet video can have on their company.

Our focus is Thailand and we have our office in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and the current center of the film & television industry as well as the center for commerce. 

We have worked hard and have grown our capabilities by producing high quality video and film productions for a very wide range of industries, assignment types and clients from around the world. 90% of our clients are international. including BBC, CNN, Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University, Microsoft, and Harley Davidson to name just a few.

Thailand Film Studios. 
Thailand's only directory of all film studios, sound stages, set-designs, practical-sets and sound studios.   

Thailand Film Locations
Thailand's only directory of more than 1,500 film locations arranged by category and region. A great resource to sourcing locations.

Aviation Division
We have more experience than most in aerial filming and also industrial applications when it comes to drones. We also offer helicopters, prop-plans and Charter jets. 
Aviation Division

Want to know more about Jenny -   Read More...  Please contact us for more information.
(Skype: jennyBVP)

International Film Coordinator | Thailand Talent Agency & Casting Division|  | Event Management Division

 Event av audio video production filming bangkok thailand 
Apple (Wipsiri)  Balee
Film Certifications: Thailand Film Office Licensed International Film Coordinator 
Rank of Major In Royal Thai Government.
Languages: Fluent English & Thai.

Apple runs our Thailand Talent Agency, our Events Division and is also a licensed International Film Coordinator.

Thailand is world renown as being the filming center within south East Asia. The quality of our professional crew and our abundance of scenic natural beauty is enhanced by the countries investment in film studios and film sets. We pride ourselves of being SE Asia's film hub. But often the magic happens through local knowledge and government contacts and absolute understanding of how everything works. Having worked in the government and risen to the Officer rank of "Major" Apple has every imaginable contact to make any film assignment happen. This is invaluable.

Thailand Talent Agency: Actors & Extras, Models, performance Artists.- we are building the most comprehensive talent agency in Thailand.
Event Management Division 
We have a dedicated team that focuses on Event filming (M.I.C.E.) in Thailand. We have partnered with many convention centers  & hotels along with our supporting database of more than 100 event venues & rooms including contact information, photos, floor-plans and Audio Video equipment available on-site

Founder  | Chairman | CEO

Shayne van Vlerken Bangkok Video Productions
Photo: Shayne & Family, Hendrikus (Henry), Jintana (Jenny) and Wipasri (Apple)
Shayne L. van Vlerken is The Founding Director & Chairman of Thailand Film Studios Co., Ltd.  The Holding Company of Bangkok Video Productions; Thailand Film Studios; Thailand Talent Agency;Thailand Film Locations; Thailand Film Center & associated companies. 

Mr. van Vlerken's most proud achievement for Bangkok Video Productions was for BVP to be selected as the exclusive company to film The Queen of Thailand's 80th birthday celebrations, A Royal Command Performance at the Grand Palace with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zubin Metha.


Mr. van Vlerken is an expert on all things internet, being a pioneer in establishing one of Thailand's first Web Services Company and first Internet Marketing Company in the mid 90's. Growing the company to over 100 employees and receiving outsourced projects from North America, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Whilst in Thailand Mr. van Vlerken's company was responsible for the majority of the early banking websites and the first online trading software for a 

Thailand Banks (Thai Military Bank Asset Management). His company was the South East Asian Strategic Partner for SUN Microsystems JAVA programming (before being purchased by Oracle).

Mr. van Vlerken then moved on to working for six years with Microsoft where he opened a research and development facility to create the world's largest library of Microsoft "on-demand" videos with more than 6000 just-in-time-help-videos and creating 23 new patents that helped revolutionize the way instructional videos are presented today.


Mr. van Vlerken brings his extensive mix of skills and global connections within the internet world and keeps a very close eye and governance of Bangkok Video Productions and Thailand Film Studios Group of Companies. Read More...



max and wilma reid bangkok video productions
Shareholders Max & Wilma Reid.
Max & Wilma have been involved with us since our inception. Australian based in the beautiful region of Southern New South Wales, 

Max & Wilma are active entrepreneurs with interests in specialty Chocolate manufacturing from their own factory and their latest foray, a Whisky tourism venture. 

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