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Spotlight Interviews

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Spotlight Interviews

Bangkok Video Productions provides several options for Interviewing people. Spotlight Interviews which we film for the Movers & Shakers Charity Networking Organization is part of the Eclipse-Series of Interview styles. The Eclipse series include a range of video 'introductions" (the opening of the video) using template animations with music designed by Bangkok Video Productions. This is a way to quickly give your video a professional look and feel without the expense of creating a custom introduction. See the full Eclipse Series of Introductions here.

Featured Video
Spotlight Interview   |   Chris Ho   |   Air Hanuman
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Spotlight Interview  |  Michael Doyle
Spotlight Interview  |   Kobi Elbaz
Spotlight Interview   |   Simon Landy

Spotlight Interview  |  Cees Cuijpers
Spotlight Interview   |   Steve Cheah
Spotlight Interview   |   Irena De Ribas

Spotlight Interview  |  Coen de Laat
Spotlight Interview  |   Gareth Hughes
Spotlight Interview   |    Antoine van Innes