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Transport Industry

Transport Industry

A series of Internet Advertisements
Directors Cut "Uber Drive"

BVP provided the following services
Film-Coordinator, Production Management, Casting Services
Locations & Video Studios, Filming Cameras & Equipment
Set-design & Props, Casting Vehicles, Catering & Transport logistics.
See More versions of the UBER Videos below

bangkok video productions film fixer thailand uber

I EARN   |   I LIVE   |   I PROVIDE   |   I EARN 2

Michelin Tires
Short Film with Story-line 
"A young man can travel overseas with his girlfriend only after his tires wear out.... but they never do. Finally the father relents."
Case Study: Michelin Tires | Short Film | France

Michelin Tires
Short Commercial

YES Moto

Uber - Short Version - "Earn"

Uber - Short Version - "Live"

Uber - Short Version - "Provide"

Uber - Short Version - "Earn 2"

Air Astana Commercial 
Green-screen filming at BVP Studio #1