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The Eclipse Series - Multi-channel Marketing

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The Eclipse series is a unique format to promote your business to multiple marketing channels. We have created a branded presentation format to international television production standards that provides you a range of channels to present your company.
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This is the first format that started of the Eclipse Series. Movers & Shakers interviews are held in 5* hotels on the same evening as the M&S monthly charity networking evening. This is the only format for the Eclipse Series that is by-invitation only.

The interview format sets the production quality standards that are in place throughout the Eclipse Series productions. Designed for television using a 3 hi-def camera set-up and clip-on lapel microphones the production presents hi quality sound and imaging in a interesting environment.

View Spotlight Interviews:
Kobi Elbaz   |   CEO   |   Tulip Group
David Armstrong |   Retired Journalist   
Michael Doyle   |   Partner   |   Seri Manop & Doyle
Irina de Ribas   |   Publisher   | Real Estate Thailand Magazine 
Steve Cheah   |   President   |   Global Entrepreneurship Thailand
Coen de Laat   |   Creative Director   |   MFX Thailand
Cees Cuijpers   |   Founder   | Movers & Shakers
Simon Landy   |   CEO   | Colliers Thailand
George Reianthong   |   Director M&C   |   Conrad Hotel
Prachyadavi Tavedikul   |   Former Ambassador to Thailand
Gareth Hughes   |   MD   | RSM Advisory Thailand


This format is where business people present themselves and their business in an interview style similar to the spotlight interviews  These are filmed however in front of a green-screen at our studio, We then create elegant backgrounds so that it looks like the interview is being conducted at 5* hotel locations. 

Designed for television stations and the internet providing a very versatile format. 

Location: BVP Pattaya or Bangkok Studios
Interviewer: Paul Strachan 
Contact us for price and schedule.


Subgrouped by industry or business department /  subject matter
i.e. Real Estate   |   Marketing   |   Insurance   |   Exporting etc.

This format uses a single-presenter style filmed in front of a green-screen with a white chromakey background inserted during editing. Simple line graphics are used to create a clean, corporate and modern style.

If you are an expert in your industry consider this format as a way of presenting you as an authority in your industry. This is suited to presenting regular video business tips.

Video Package: 3 business tips with 3x 2-4 minute videos
Location: BVP Pattaya or Bangkok Studios
Contact us for price and schedule.


This format is free-form with the subject being a current topical story thats in the news and is of wide interest. We identify the story with an industry and a company that can represent that industry. The company spokesperson joins the story to present a view on the subject matter in a way that presents their company in a positive light.

This format is very suitable for Press Release through Associated Press, Reuters and global television and internet media. We can achieve this at surprising little cost (about US $400) as well as inclusion into iCNN which we are a member of. A great way to promote your company in a news style format. and drive immediate traffic to your website.

If you know of an interesting story that is affecting your industry, consider this a way to get involved in the story and get your company into the news.

Location: On location filming & at our recording studios
Contact us for price and schedule.


This format is suitable for professional sportspeople who have launched their own branded clothing, jewellery or other retail line. 

Presented in an interview format the focus of the interview is twofold. First; why did the sportsperson select that specific product and brand and second tel us a little-bit about your personal life, family and hobbies. Information that doesn't usually get into the sports-pages. 

This dual format makes the interview a interesting marketing opportunity for the brand-line and company behind the products as well as making the interview popular with the sportsperson fanbase who find out something about their idol's personal life. This also makes the interview attractive to media television stations and is very suitable for iCNN.

If you are a sportsperson and you want a unique opportunity to promote your branded product range, The Players format provides a very marketable soft-sell way to present your brand.

Location: On location filming & at our recording studios
Contact us for price and schedule.


Subgrouped by industry. eg. Hotels, Restaurants, Retail shops.

Freeform format with a combination of location shooting and studio interview.

Places has been specifically designed for the hospitality, retail and tourism industry. Benefiting from the ECLIPSE SERIES brand, this is an ideal format to present customer facing businesses. 

Location: On location filming & at our recording studios
Contact us for price and schedule.

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