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Software Training Videos

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Sample of software training video created by Bangkok Video Productions: This channel has received 5 Million YouTube views.

Bangkok Video Production has created more than 6,000 Microsoft application training and help video-clips.

We use "standards based" controls to ensure consistency in terminology, animation and narration ensuring fast and easy comprehension of the information.

What makes our video-clips better than all other help & training videos is that we offer:
  • Consistency in our language, jargon, terminology and sentence structure used in all our transcripts & narrations (voice-overs).

  • Consistency in the methodology used within each element of our presentation (Animation, narration, Transcript) so they work together seamlessly providing an engaging experience.

  • Every video includes animation, narration and transcripts. to ensure quick and easy comprehension of the subject matter. 

  • Each video demonstrates a single function or feature. No wasting time. Learn just what you want, when you want.

  • Every video is fully indexed and keyword searchable. Easy to find.

We also offer our video-clips as a PC or mobile App. 

Bangkok Video Productions software training videos