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Making a Music Video - Studio Demo

Karma Sound Studios Thailand Bangkok Video Productions Pattaya
Karma Sound Studios, Thailand               

The filming Process

These videos were made at karma's sound studios, just south of Pattaya City on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, about 2 hours drive from Bangkok.

Usually the sound track would already be recorded and mixed before we start our part of the process. However in the case of the Karma Kids Camp 2012, time constraints just didn't allow this to happen, so we recorded the video as the performers were recording their sound-tracks. This does make it more difficult to get the voice sound-track and video track in sync with the lips moving in exact sync to the words being sung, however being the professionals that we are, we adapted and just worked harder in post-production.

Mixing locations and activities around the studio environment are an important element of these videos as they add visual interest and keep the video fresh. At Karma we filmed in the studio and we also filmed in the lounge area where the kids were performing in front of their parents and some iconic rock-star judges. We also added clips of the kids having fun in between their classes which added that human element. So it's important to consider other locations and footage that might be added to your video.

The filming was conducted over a three day period for 11 kids.

Karma Sound Studios Thailand Bangkok Video Productions Pattaya

The Camera Equipment

We had available two cameras for this shoot. A small handheld HD canon camcorder with a steady-cam attached which allowed us to move around in tight spaces whilst keeping the movements smooth. We also used a Canon 7D DSLR shooting video as a second camera, so you can see that even with small, simple equipment you can get great footage. *Also see note under lighting.

Karma Sound Studios Thailand Bangkok Video Productions Pattaya


We used two Electra flat panel lights to light the subjects as the studio lighting is quite subdued and this allowed us to work with standard lenses. 

Another option would be to use our new Sony NEX V20 video camera with a 50mm prime lens that allows us to film in very low light without any extra lighting, yet turning night into day using the lens f. function. 

Karma Sound Studios Thailand Bangkok Video Productions Pattaya

Post Production

Post production, editing was conducted at our Pattaya Editing studios where we spent about a week cutting and splicing (to use some old editing addages). We created a theme of some black and white to reflect the Karma monotone logo and also their studio highlight color which is red. We were limited during the shooting where we would have liked to have taken more footage such as the control-room, of the mixing console and other shots but time constraints didn't allow for this so we created a formula that was kept simple and clean with lots of closeups and let the individual personality of the performers show through.

Karma Sound Studios Thailand Bangkok Video Productions Pattaya

Recording Studio's

We have a variety of studio options available from budget to premium (Karma) and also on-location. We have green-screens so we can insert CGI backgrounds and lots of options for video. We have basic voice and sound recording facilities and sound editing facilities and also access to premium sound engineers and equipment.

Contact us if you are considering creating a similar style video and we will give you a competitive quote.