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Green-screen Example

Thailand film production services from Bangkok Video Productions

Green-screen Example (Chromokeying)

Project:                 Green-screen Music teaser
Description:          An activist music video teaser using green-screen in our studio #2. with film inserted into background.                                Note the clarity of the image, how it "pops" out from the background with clean lines. The result                                        of excellent lighting and chromokeying.
Location:               Debo Music
Camera:                Panasonic Lumix G4 HDSLR 
Client:                   Debo Music
Company:             Debo Music
Country:                USA
BVP Role:             Green-screen studio filming at Bangkok Video productions studios.
                             Camera work
                             Lighting work
                             Audio production
                             Grip work
                             Motion graphics
                             Audio Design
                             Color correction