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Aerial Filming

Thailand video production bangkok film productions
Vahle Electrical Systems

Aerial Filming at Laem Chenbang Port

MahaNakhon Tower
"Living In A Work Of Art"
Award Winning Corporate Video

new york film awards 2017 bangkok video productions

New York Film Awards 2017 
Awards: 2x Silver World Medals
Client Company:E-magineurs | Brand: Bouygues Batiment International. | Title: Mahanakhon, Living In A Work Of Art
Country: FRANCE | Category Group: Film and Video - Craft: Films/Productions | Category 1: Original Music 
Category 2: Sales | Category Group: Film and Video - Craft: Films/Productions

Link: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2017/index.php?country=FRANCE&d=m 

Industry: Moving Logistics
Kroll Cranes - Wind Turbine Installation
Kroll Cranes
Filmed by Bangkok Video Productions - Aerial Division
Post Production & Special Effects edited by Frank Holling

Behind the scenes - (Kroll Cranes) Aerial Filming
Installing Wind Turbines
Post Production Editing & Animation by Frank Holling

Industry: Media - Documentary TV
Flood TV Documentary
Georama TV France
Flood Trailer showing various Aerial Filming sequences in Thailand

Bata Northstar Shoes
Web Advert with several aerial filming sequences.