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Aerial Filming

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Aerial Filming

MahaNakhon Tower
"Living In A Work Of Art"
Award Winning Corporate Video

new york film awards 2017 bangkok video productions

New York Film Awards 2017 
Awards: 2x Silver World Medals
Client Company:E-magineurs | Brand: Bouygues Batiment International. | Title: Mahanakhon, Living In A Work Of Art
Country: FRANCE | Category Group: Film and Video - Craft: Films/Productions | Category 1: Original Music 
Category 2: Sales | Category Group: Film and Video - Craft: Films/Productions

Link: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2017/index.php?country=FRANCE&d=m 

Bangkok From Above
A combination of Helicopter footage & Drone footage
Client: Travel & Leisure (France)

Industry: Moving Logistics
Kroll Cranes - Wind Turbine Installation
Kroll Cranes
Filmed by Bangkok Video Productions - Aerial Division
Post Production & Special Effects edited by Frank Holling (Spirit Video)

Behind the scenes - (Kroll Cranes) Aerial Filming
Installing Wind Turbines
Post Production Editing & Animation by Frank Holling 

Industry: Media - Documentary TV
Flood TV Documentary
Georama TV France
Flood Trailer showing various Aerial Filming sequences in Thailand

Bata Northstar Shoes
Web Advert with several aerial filming sequences.

Vahle Electrical Systems

Aerial Filming at Laem Chenbang Port