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Company CEO - Long Interview
We held a 4 hour interview in 2 parts. The first being a structured interview with specific questions. The second being a less formal unstructured interview that allowed the client to take a subject and talk about that subject in a longer format. The idea being that the film footage we created could be used for multiple videos & multiple purposes for the company.

interview remote filming video bangkok thailand production

Filming Setup
Note: screenshots above are taken from Raw film footage prior to post-production.
Cameras: 2x Canon C300 Cameras filming at Full HD
Lens: Zeiss CP2 Prime Lens Set. 35mm & 50mm
Sound: Senneisher GH3 Wireless Microphone direct to Camera A plus Rhode NTG4+ Boom Mic Direct into Camera B
Lighting: 2x LED 36W with softboxes plus overhead fluorescent lighting.
Props: Background decorations arranged to provide an interesting setting that could be anywhere in the world with soft focus bokeh effect.
Location: The Great room, Gaysorn Tower.

Client Testimonial
Sent by client production coordinator. 
Forth August 2020

"Thank you so much for all your hard work today! Our CEO really appreciate you and your team.
It was amazing having you with us. Our CEO is very relax".

Webber Shandwick
Company Presentation including B-roll footage (Message from CEO to Stakeholders on opening of new Factory)
Client brief: Interview CEO in factory setting and ensure that the feeling is of a "working factory" and that the CEO is very much an integral part of the manufacturing processes.
BVP Solution: We took a wider than usual shot of the interviewee to integrate the overall factory  feeling into the composition. We looked for "angles" to give dept of field such as the Yellow truss on the right of camera A and we moved a Crane -hook into the background as well. The Longitudinal conveyor belt across the scene adds an additional layer of depth. To show that the Interviewee is a factory-man-of-action, we had him "perch" on the corner of a piece of factory equipment, rather than sitting down in a chair or on a stool.

Bangkok Video Productions Thailand

Interviews news teams stringer bangkok video productions film video crew

Client: Webster Shandwick Global
Note: screenshots above are taken from Raw film footage prior to post-production.
Cameras: Canon C300 MK3 Lens:  Zeiss CP2 Prime 35mm & 85mm
Sound; Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavaliere Microphone directly into Camera A. Reference microphone on Camera B

SAMPLE OF RAW FOOTAGE to demonstrate Audio Quality.
Note: This is filmed inside the factory whist working and client requested ambient background factory sounds.
You can barely hear the Director off-camera asking questions. These will be edited out during Post Production.

This Microphone was a Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavaliere Microphone directly into Camera A.

Client testimonial
testimonial bangkok video productions

CNN - Medical Documentary 

A Series of Interviews for Documentary including B-roll footage
Client Brief: Another instance of where the client wanted the interviewee to be shown as a man-of-action in his working environment.
BVP Solution: We decided on filming in the operating theatre, rather than in his office so the viewer identifies with the Doctor as a "working Doctor" We also had the Interviewee change into a surgery outfit.Camera A is A wider shot than usual with the client perched on a piece of equipment which is fundamental to his job. This ties the Dr. into his role.

interviews Bangkok Video Productions news stringers film crew

interviews Bangkok Video Productions news stringers film crew

CNN Interviews at Kamol Hospital, Bangkok
Note: these are raw photos of the interview setting that have not yet been color-graded.
Cameras: Sony A7s MK 2:  Zeiss CP2 Prime 35mm & 85mm
Sound; Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavaliere Microphone directly into Camera A. Reference microphone on Camera B

Microsoft Dynamics | Harley Davidson

Product Presentation via client testimonial  
Client Brief: Microsoft Dynamic Software wanted to show how its software can cope with a high-growth client where complex solutions are required.
BVP Solution: Harley Davidson is a dynamic-growth company and the CEO Ken is a good interview subject. his video was filmed in 2014 with a single camera. We integrated a lot of B-footage to show the excitement of the environment with an iconic brand.

filming in Thailand corporate video production services by Bangkok video productions

Harley Davidson Testimonial for Microsoft Dynamics Software

X Wallet Interview
Client Brief: This was an unscheduled interview during the filming of an event. Client requested several brief ad-hock interviews using a single camera while we were still engaged with our main cameras filming the main event.
BVP Solution: We found a quiet area that had enough lighting without any further lighting requirement and set up a single camera on tripod with wireless mic direct to camera.

XWallet Interview
Camera; Sony a7s MK2 Sound: Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavalier Microphone
This Interview was conducted "off the cuff" with no planning and a single camera. No lighting.