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Bangkok Video Productions licenses the Mhelp Solution                           

Mhelp® Custom Solutions for Applications is for organisations that have customized software applications & require new help content, or for Software Integrators & Software Vendors who prefer to embed video-clip help into their clients software applications instead of text only help.

Mhelp®  Custom Solutions can be embedded within the host software, activated and displayed through our patented GUI (Graphic User Interface) or using Mhelp®  Elaborate™ Software The video-clips can be activated from links embedded anywhere on the pages of the host software.

Mhelp® provides three Custom Solution models.

·         Totally outsource the entire Video-production process to Mhelp® Custom Solutions.

·         Partially outsource to Mhelp® & partially utilize your internal resources.

·         License “Mhelp® Custom Solutions” from Mhelp® including all software, knowhow, quality standards & training so you can complete all production in-house.

Mhelp® Custom Solutions comply with Assistive Technology Standards for sight, hearing, cognitive & language impaired. Refer to our “Assistive Technology Compliance” brochure.

The most innovative custom training for software available.

Outsource everything to Mhelp®.
With this model we take care of everything.

Step One -Our Technical Writers will create your help texts to our high QM2 Technical Writing Standards.
Step Two -Our Video-clip Production Specialists will create the video-clips using our QM2 quality standards that ensures consistency and user acceptance.
Step Three -We will record the narration in our professional recording studios using qualified Voice-over Artists trained in Mhelp® QM2 Narration techniques. (We have a selection of trained Voice-Artists).
Step Four -Our Postproduction Editors will merge the texts, narration & video-clips together into a compressed and encrypted final clip.
Step Five -We then integrate the video-clips into our patented graphic-user-interface (GUI) that can be a stand-alone GUI or be embedded into the host software application.
Step 6 -The Mhelp® GUI allows us to add any or all of our 34 patented technologies that enhance seek, indexing and playback options as well as providing advanced Exploratory Learning and Instant help options.

We give you the tools & training to complete steps One & Two using our patented Qm2 Quality Standards and then we do the rest.

License Mhelp® for in-house production.
This model is suited to organizations that regularly need new help content. Also for Software Vendors & Software Integrators who want to offer a superior help solution & understand that time saved in learning new techniques = money saved & a quality result the first time round.

Anyone can create videos, but just like on the big-screen a video-clip can be a hit or something that you never want to see again. Our knowhow, our QM2 Quality standards, training & the production software we use ensures a quality result every time & that translates into user-acceptance. We spent several years of research to get it right. License Mhelp® & you can have all this at once.

Mhelp® can be loaded onto any server & delivered over LAN; Intranet, Terminal Services or the Internet. Mhelp® also offers the option of a Proxy Server pre-loaded with content. These options allows you to add or modify content at any time.

Partially outsource & utilize internal resources.
This model is a very cost-effective model to ensure you end up with a product of the highest quality standards (that ensures people actually use it) at the best possible price.

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