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Help Desks

Traditional help desks are for technical issues concerning hardware. This does not help the many enquiries into using their software. The Mhelpdesk takes a innovative approach to this that allows “Mentors” to be selected within a company; (e.g. The Accounts Manager would be a good Excel Mentor). Every staff are connected through the company to a number of Mentors so they can quickly ask for instant-help via messaging. Now this would normally be a time-consuming and anti-productive issue for Mentors, but with Mhelpdesk the mentor just “flicks” a relevant video-clip to the recipient who then plays the clip and follows the step by step instructions. Should a single person bug the Mentor too much or with over simplistic enquiries, the Mentor can “flag” that staff who is then referred to the HR department for further training.

The same software that helps the Mentor keep such requests to a minimum can also be used for dedicated staff training on specific subjects. This s all recorded by the HR department who knows at all time the video-clips reviewed by the employee and their level of expertise. Of course all these video-clips are available as a first-base for instant help from their own desktops. Mhelp can create any variety of video-clip help and training for customized and pre-packaged software. Our Microsoft experience is good proof of that.

It may take only a minute or two for call center operators to listen to a callers problem. The majority of the time is taking the caller through solving the issue step-by-step. Mhelp Vid-flick and our custom video-clip answers can reduce call-center call-times by up to eighty (80%), saving lots of time and money. Talk to us about our call center solutions for your business.