Event Videos

There are two types of event videos depending upon the purpose of the video as follows:
  • Event Promotion Video - Promoting an event specifically to attract new members, sponsors and attendees to future events. Often this type of video will have an upbeat sound track, show the highlights of the events but usually would not record the ambient event sounds or any speeches given.

  • Event Highlights Video - Creating a record of the event that records what made the event special including the venue and catering the speeches, the event sponsors and shows lots of shots of people who attended the event. 
Below are some examples.

Event Promotion Video
Movers & Shakers Christmas Charity Networking Event

Event Highlights Video
British Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Seaboard Monthly Networking Evening

Event Promotion Video
Town & Country Property Family Day

Events Highlights Video
Lighthouse Club Pattaya Monthly Charity Networking Evening