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Royal Diapers International

Client Requirements
RDI developed a ecommerce site for the online sale of baby products 

BVP was engaged to create a series of online videos presenting their new website as a online shopping destination.

BVP Solution
A series of 5 x 30 second video clips that were used bythe client to market their new website.

Each video reinforced an aspect of the company and their service. i.e.

1. The company is a real brick and mortors company with real staff and real products.

2. Online shopping is easy, safe and secure using

3. The company can deliver their products to you quickly and efficiently.

4. The products and services are of the highest quality.

The Process
After receiving in detail the clients requirements and ideas that they had we then started our own process.

Step One - Story ideas presented to client as text "sypnosis" with aproximate development costs. Five were selected to be developed into the next stage.

Step Two - Visual "Story boards" created for each the five videos along with detailed technical and filming requirements including location, props, wordrobe, actors, sound, lighting and camera requirements. These were accompanied with detailed costs.

Step Three - On location filming of the five videos completed.

Step Four - Post production, editing and special effects, sound tracks recoded in our sound studios, music tracks selected and added.

Step Five - Client hand-over and sign off.

Actual video cannot be shown
due to client copyright reasons.
copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

Photo manipulation for videos. Here Phaom signs are added to a warehouse used in the video.

Copyright 2011: Shayne L. van Vlerken

Baby filmed on location (ordering diapers online) above and below using green-screen technology so different backgrounds can be added latter.

Copyright 2011: Shayne L. van Vlerken

Using green-screen the Phaom office worker below is put into an office environment.

Copyright  2011: Shayne L. van Vlerken