KSB Pump Manufacturers

Case Study.

The client wanted a video inserted into the homepage of his website where the CEO would present his company and products.

Client Requirements Brief:
  • In Website video for fast loading with quality imagery.

  • Also to be available in very High resolution for large screen presentations at trade shows.

  • The CEO would walk into the video showing full body-shot including head to toes & then give the presentation showing 3/4 body shot (Knees up).

  • The CEO would give a English language presentation.

  • The video would have a blue gradient background.

  • A semi-transparent glass presentation screen would be at top right of video.

  • Images of products and services would appear on the glass screen in time with the presentation.

  • Thai sub-titles are to be at the bottom of the video timed to the presentation.

BVP Solution:
  • Client would give the presentation at our Green-screen "Studio B".

  • Client will wear a Rode wired lapel Microphone for clear, precise sound recording without any room reverberation effect.

  • The video will be filmed in Broadcast Quality Standard Definition for high resolution and quality with a small file-size for fast loading on website.

  • The video will be edited in HQ wide-screen (16:9) format.

  • Client requirements would then be provided during editing using special effects and Chroma-key.

How the video was created:
  1. Using a 6 layered approach during editing to bring all elements together in a single video.

  2. Client gave the presentation in front of green-screen at our Bangkok "Studio B"

  3. Client provided a range of images of different size, quality and resolutions, these were standardized and some images were combined to create a range of images in the same resolution. Some images had the background removed so the products "stood out" against a transparent background. The same with their logo. This was achieved using Photoshop image software.

  4. Layer 1 - The raw film footage was loaded into editing software and using chroma-key the green-screen background was removed leaving the client image only.

  5. Layer 2 - During editing a blue screen was added so now the client was standing in front of a blue screen.

  6. For the walk-in where the microphone cord could be seen following the client, frame-by-frame masking removed the microphone cord from the film footage.

  7. Layer 3 - We created a semi-transparent glass screen in Photoshop and added that to the top right of the video. This provided a consistent frame and placement for the client's products & services images.

  8. Layer 4 - The Photoshop prepared client images were added over the glass screen using a time-line feature so they showed in time with the presentation transcript.

  9. Layer 5 - A subtitle background of semi-transparent graded black "Lower third" was added to give a frame and placement for the subtitles.

  10. Layer 6 - The client provided a transcript in Thai language. This was cut into readable sentences and placed on the lower-third background using time-line to present the subtitles in time with the presentation.

  11. The video was rendered in high definition allowing for large presentations and also fast website loading.
We filmed in front of a green-screen at our studios.

Copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

Client in front of green screen. During editing we mask the client and remove artifacts such as the Microphone cord as client walks into frame.

Copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

By adding the special effect "Chroma-key" we remove the green screen background. The background is now transparent. At screen right we added a semi-transparent glass screen as a background and frame for client logo and images.

Copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

We are now left with a clean client image on a transparent background. We then add the desired blue background. (We could just as easily added any background image or even film such as a beach scene).

Copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

Client images are edited such as here where we have removed the image background to make the image stand out. We also did this for the image below.

Copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

In some cases we merged two client images, & in this case even added the clients logo onto the man's shirt to create a suitable result as shown below.

Copyright. Shayne van Vlerken

We added a black gradient "lower third" as a subtitle background and added the subtitles timed to the presentation over the lower-third.