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Press Release Interview Video

Client Requirements

The client just launched a new website which is the world's largest free Microsoft video help & training. They had a Press release already prepared and needed a video to accompany the press release.

BVP Solution

We created a video using the founder of Mhelp4u being interviewed by "Bangkok Video Reporters" who is of course our boss "Jenny" We sometimes use the trade name Bangkok Video Reporters for clients who want an interview style video.

The interview and post production editing was conducted in front of a green-screen at our Pattaya Video Recording Studio.

The Creation Process

The client prepared a script which he rehearsed time and again prior to arriving at our studio. A single leather chair was placed in front of the green screen.

The clients script was loaded onto our voice-prompter software which is directly in front of the camera so the client can either read the script directly or use it a a guide only. The client then presented each segment of his script.

The chair was then repositioned and Jenny likewise followed her script in asking the client questions.

During post production editing the green screen background was replaced with two different background views. Each background was looking out over the sea scape but from different angles reflecting the seating position of both the client and reporter.

The client then promoted the video in two editions. A full length version (7 minutes) and a Press Release version (3 minutes).

The video can be seen below
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or at the following sites.

Jenny in front of Green screen acting as a reporter for the video interview

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

A selected photo background is inserted that gives the video the style the client wants.
Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

Using Chromakey special effects Jenny is now interviewing the client in a luxury seaside home.

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

The same is done for the client but notice below the photo background is a different angle of the same view lending credibility to the overall effect.

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken