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Cherry Blossom
Upmarket Handbag Retail Shop 


Client Requirements
Cherry Blossom is a retail shop in Times Square, Bangkok that sells handcrafted, unique handbags of elegant designs using natural materials from nature "Cherry blossom - Inspired by Nature". Their clients are mostly international tourists and well-to-do Thai clients.

Our client wanted a promotional video that shows the elegant designs and explains the unique materials they are made from (water hibiscus, corn husks, bamboo and rattan).

The owner did not want to talk a lot in the video as she was not feeling confident to present in the English language.

BVP Solution
A video that oozed elegance and immersed the viewer into a relaxing mode whilst displaying the unique design features though video close-ups and sub-texts on screen.

The Creation Process
Sitting down with the client we learned about her company and her products. What made her handbags unique and special (they are handcrafted using natural materials such as bamboo, silks and plant materials.

The BVP crew then filmed on location at the clients retail store taking footage that presented the store itself and then the handbags. Closeups of the handbags were filmed as well as footage of interviewing the client. This gave us soundbites that we could translate into sub-texts during post production.

Post production editing started with selecting some key images that reflected synergy with the clients website. Some images were directly adapted from their website, others were specifically created. The key imagery gave us the initial style.

We then selected oriental music that enhanced the style and created a relaxing mood.

With the cornerstones of the video style in place we edited the video footage to best present the shop and the handbags themselves.

The client used a third party internet marketing company to promote the video through video and Social media sites.

 View video in client website

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cherry blossum

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

The video was filmed on location at the clients retail shop. Post production editing was completed at our Pattaya Editing studios.

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

Creating the title slide of a video is very important to create the style that will flow throughout the video. Here we created an elegant oriental atmosphere that is reinforced when the soft violins and piano music plays as the background soundtrack.

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

The owner in this instance did not want to talk to much as she was not confident in English language so she kept to a brief welcome speech

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

We used texts on a "lower third" background to present their handbags and their unique features.

Copyright 2011. Shayne L. van Vlerken

The ending of the video is just as important as the beginning and here we presented a "feel good" relevant message and a beautiful scene.